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The US Citizens section has been totally revamped and now reflects changes to the tax law from the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act (May, 2006). Our often requested page on the physical presence test and how to count days while abroad, is back-up as well.

The Foreign National section of the web site has been rewritten to add more information of direct interest to the employee. Gulf of Mexico crewmember tax compliance issues are becoming more prominent so see the OCS visa endorsements part of our visa page. Vessel owners and operators should see our Crewmember Taxation - OCS page for income and social tax information.

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The services that we offer are customized to fit each company's needs and culture. These services fall into several broad categories including tax return preparation, tax reimbursement computation, employee consultations, payroll assistance, management of foreign compliance and other HR management. Consulting projects usually encompass several of these categories.