When US citizens work abroad, they may qualify for the foreign earned income exclusions.



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US Citizens

- Qualifying for Foreign Earned Income Exclusions
- General Questions - Foreign Earned Income Exclusions
- Physical Presence Test
- Counting Days in the US, Abroad and Traveling
- Bona Fide Residence
- War Zones and Military Contractors
- Income and Social Tax Withholding
- Social Security and Medicare Taxes
- Income Tax Witholding
- Hypothetical Tax
- Totalization Agreements
- Other
- Due Dates and Extensions
- Expatriate Tax Forms
- IRS Addresses
- Links to Other Resources on Expatriate Tax

Foreign Nationals

- Employer Questions
- Short-Term Assignments
- Tax Attributes of Specific Visas
- Certifying Acceptance Agent
- General Tax Questions
- Tax Return Filing Requirements
- Number of Days in the US during the Year
- Tax Residence
- Year of Arrival or Departure
- Substantial Presence Test
- Personal and Dependent Exemptions
- Crewmember Taxation - OCS
- Other Resources and Forms
- John Allis book on Foreign Nationals
- Reference Sources for Foreign Nationals
- Links to Other Web Sites
- Tax Forms Needed by Foreign Nationals